My artist name is Masha Dabelka, I grew up in a strange eclectic fast developing place called Novosibirsk, Russia. All my childhood I devoted to music practice. After 9 years of classical music school, I got involved in playing old synthesizers as a member of different rock bands, but the unlimited sound universe kept me on calling to explore a new sound background and I got interested in spinning records at local electronic music events. Later I came to the idea to organize a series of proper underground techno events on the sites of brutalist post-soviet architecture, which gave me numerous abandoned warehouses to realize my cultural projects in Siberia. While organizing different events I collaborated on apocalyptic techno-punk sound and performed live as well and explored half of the country with DJ and live sets. At some point, I moved to Austria to get some additional experience in Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

I like to play with borders between academic and non-academic, pop and underground, original and borrowed, preservation and sharing, old and new, serious and funny. I work with artifacts and conduct artistic and theoretical research on cultural phenomena of the past. In short words, I produce cinematic music, spin some music discs at the edge, confront ignorance and fill the space with vibration.