June 2021

another vinyl set online

April 2021

new vinyl set is online

March 2021

new vinyl set recording

new BIG interview

November 2020 – Vinyl DJ set recording

November 17 2020, 16:00 – Vienna Art Week – Art Melange Studio Talk: Alexandra Grimmer mit Masha Dabelka (Zoom Conference) Register here:

February 2020 – Full Video Recording – Masha Dabelka live at the wooden church in Augarten, Vienna

January 2020 – new DJ set recording at

August 2019 – New music video:

New project Turntablista – DJ school for women


Presentation in terms of Vienna Biennale 2019 at MAK, Vienna

from 28.05 till 06.10.2019

March 2019 – New mixtape:

November 2018 – New music video:

Another fresh DJ set is here (free download):

DJ set recording at 20ft Radio in Kiev is online:

💧I’m officially an Acid Friend💧


Tin Man – Drenched Acid (Masha Dabelka Remix) on Bandcamp

Tin Man – Drenched Acid (Masha Dabelka Remix) on Soundcloud

” Acid Friend is launching September 18th.
Acid friend is an acid music compilation of 29 remixes and
collaborations of the acid artist  Tin Man on Global A Records .
Acid Friend is also a series of t-shirts.
The first two t-shirt designs are being released
simultaneously with the music compilation.
The t-shirts are of the highest quality.
The tracks are diverse, but are all club friendly.
The range runs from deep acid techno
to acid house churners,
to sweet end of the night acid ballads,
to warm weather acid jams.
Distribution will be made by and also Bandcamp ”

Go directly to Tin Man – Drenched Acid (Masha Dabelka Remix)

Masha Dabelka – STORYBOOK #2 mini-Album 12”:

DIGITAL version is AVAILABLE now



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